Welcome to the new Penguin's Lab store! In the interests of advancing the communication of science to the enthusiast, or simply interested members of the general public, we have decided to supply a range of products ranging from kits to spare components. All funds raised from sales will go towards developing future projects, so please have a browse through what we have to offer.

Kits are essentially a non-assembled "bunch" of components which come with instructables to enable the construction of a project without all the hassle of going all over the place to purchase all the bits and pieces - because we have done it for you already!

All our kits come with pre-fabricated PCBs, and are manufactured using schematics that have been tried, tested and documented on Penguin's Lab. More kits are always in development, so check back often to see what's new.

Payment can be made via Bank Deposit (recommended for Australian buyers) or Paypal (recommended for International buyers or for credit card purchases).

NOTE: Ignition coil kits are currently unavailable

Note: No additional shipping charges (anywhere in world)!!!
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Ignition Coil Kit - $29.50

The ignition coil kit comes with a pre-etched PCB, components, and instructions which provides the basis of a working ignition coil driver. It includes overvoltage kickback protection circuitry and is supplied with a TVS diode.

Ignition Coil Kit

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