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Consumer Electronics
Capture colour at the click of a button. A novel optical tool to help you design and renovate.
High Voltage
Measuring the spark lengths of the Marx Generator
Lightning simulation is carried out by the Penguin's Lab Marx Generator...
A hot arc from the ignition coil setup
Ignition coils- The cheap man's source of high voltage fun.
A shower of streamers erupt from the tesla coil
Tesla coils are arguably the most famous high voltage generation devices.


[28 Nov 2013]

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Pulse Energy

A strip of aluminium is vapourised on the capacitor discharge machine
High energy discharge experiments mean lots of noise, sparks, and awesome photos!
A view down the barrel of the coilgun
The coilgun was developed mid 2005, and its projectiles reached speeds of over 100km/h.
Optics / Special FX photography

A hologram of a lion statue
3D images that are so lifelike that they can be mistaken to be real... a showcase of Penguin's holograms.
A view into the HeNe laser tube
Experiments concerning semiconductor lasers, and also the "Darwin laser lightshow"!
A view through the NVD at night
Night vision has been around for a long time, but still not everyone has a pair of goggles...
Freezing action as it happens. Introducing the Penguin's Lab high speed sound-activated flash unit, and high speed photography achievable with nothing special.
Accelerating action as it happens. An automated camera system for seeing grass grow and flowers wilt.
Framing action as it happens. A simple strobe and camera setup which breaks the action down into 'Charlie Chaplin' frames.
The ability to see right through dark glasses and turn summer into winter. Explore the world through infrared light!
Optical fibre lamp on display
Fibre optics technology...the telephone line? Nah, fibre optic cameras and lamps are better!
The green fluoro tube lighting up magnificently
Low voltage fluorescent tube drivers are the dream of campers and hikers everywhere.
Holding a CCFL tube
Explore the world of new age lighting from sodium vapour 'streetlight' bulbs to the humble but revolutionary LED.

An oscilloscope monitoring resonance
Shattering glass with mere sound? Explore the world of resonance.
The FM transmitter
A fun little gadget that you use when the bus driver turns on the radio to the channel you don't like...
General Electronics/Physics

A red hot steel thread in the induction heater
Red hot iron bolts with no flame? Introducing induction heating...
Melting scrap aluminium into something a tad more useful... and a lot of firey heat in the process!
Plans for the trebuchet
A trebuchet with microwave oven transformers as a counterweight!
The balloon and its payload during the 2006 flight
Launched early 2006, this camera carrying balloon floated above Darwin.
The peltier device cooling air to below zero
Peltier devices are the portable, semiconductor solution to refrigeration.

FTACS (1,2,3,4,5,6)

The Flood Triggered Automated Camera System (FTACS) is designed to capture imagery of intense flash flooding.
A neodymium magnet effectively hovering between aluminium plates
How the hell do those trains work? Playing with magnetic levitation devices...
The "Earthquake" subwoofer in all its glory
My 200W subwoofer developed at the start of my MP3 downloading days. Hahaha...

The setup for the distillation project
Nick's distillation thing is finally up and running (well, that was '05...)
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