Thanks to...

The brilliant people who make this all possible!


My heartfelt thanks go to many people for making Penguin's Lab, my projects and everything else possible. Without their support, I would not be able to present to you the numerous images, stories and chaos which is Penguin's Lab.

Thanks, in no particular order, go to:

Rocky Liang - SwatchMate
Djordje Dikic - SwatchMate
Ben Myers - Furnace
Rudi Smith - Furnace
Daniel Huang - Furnace
Steven Tickell - FTACS
Jamie Ng - FTACS
Danuta Karp - FTACS
Lionel Oliver - Furnace
Nick Williams - Distillation
Aidan Symons - The Balloon Project
Charles Wong - The Balloon Project
Stephen Pearson - Peltier Cooling
Shaun Pearson - Peltier Cooling
Victor Jong - The Balloon Project
Mitchell Chadwick - Storm Chasing
Justin Strecker - Storm Chasing
Ricky Chow - The Balloon Project, Laser
Halina Tam - The Balloon Project
Holly Au - Laser
Robert Rickert
Josh Lee - Web Development
HuaQiang Zhao - Web Development
Everyone who bought a kit!




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