For your information, this page serves no particular purpose other than to document some potentially interesting material relating to the historical use of Penguin's Lab. But I hope you enjoy it anyway :)

Past banners used on the front page...

1st Banner- March '06

2nd Banner- April '06

3rd Banner- April '06 (Was used for one day)

4th Banner [May '06]- 'Writing on thermal paper with a hot soldering iron'

5th Banner [May '06]- 'Penguin's pencil sketch'

Words carved into wooden ruler then sketched over with a pencil

6th Banner [June '06]- 'Short circuit'

12V 7AH battery short circuited with aluminium plate as base and bare wire as electrode

7th Banner [June '06]- 'Too many 10K resistors'

8th Banner [July/August '06]- 'Mr Penguin suffers the Marx Generator"

9th Banner [Early '07]- 'Mr. Penguin celebrating the New Year'




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