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Hello and welcome to Penguin's Lab. Thanks for your interest in advertising on our website. We are able to accommodate most advertising needs, on any page which interests you.

We are most interested in ads which are targeted appropriately at our main audience - which could include ads for electronic devices and equipment, professional engineering services or even forums and discussion boards. Notwithstanding this, we have in the past accepted many other kinds of ads.

There are many places an advert may be placed. Of course, the most prominent location is on the front page, where the 'News' section contains space for a small banner or text link ad. In addition, on the bottom of every article we have a designated 'sponsor link' space which creates brilliant exposure since this targets the interested reader who has just finished reading the article. Other options which work well are in-text ads within our articles which we can customize for you to suit your needs.

An example of an advert which we found was very successful was one from Zwee which advertised an induction cooktop in a text link placed in-text on the 'Induction Heating' article. However many other publishers have reported good results through other methods, such as small banners on the front page.

Please contact us here with any advertising enquiries you may have - we would love to hear from you.




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