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Welcome to Penguin's Lab, and welcome to a weird wacky part of my world.

A bit about Penguin's Lab...

If you haven't already noticed, Penguin's Lab is a showcase of some of the more interesting things I have made or done. For me, it is a space in the virtual world where I can be creative and free with my writing and documentation. It definitely helps me remember what I have dabbled in, and what could be made better!

I hope you enjoy this site. It has been a fun and interesting experience for me, particularly because it has been around for a rather long time and my writing style seems to change constantly. In saying that I hope you also understand what I'm saying!

Paul @ Penguin's Lab
Paul - Owner, Penguin's Lab

A bit about me...

I currently reside in Melbourne, Australia, and work for (perhaps unexpectedly) the banking group Goldman Sachs. I received double degrees in B Eng (Electrical) (Hons) and B Comm (Finance) at The University of Melbourne in 2011. Currently I also teach finance and engineering to students residing at Janet Clarke Hall.

One of the more engineering-like endeavours I have going at the moment is the SwatchMate project, a collaboration with two other partners-in-crime, which was originally a final year engineering project. We are continuously working on SwatchMate and plan to engage a path to commercialization sometime in the near future.

Other interests include Taekwondo, tennis, squash, piano and hiking.

You may find my LinkedIn profile here. Otherwise please get in touch here if you would like to discuss potential opportunities either for Penguin's Lab or the SwatchMate project.

A bit of history...

Electronics was introduced to me by Mum when I was in grade 5 in the form of a birthday present: Dick Smith's Funway Kits. I meddled with the very basic circuits introduced to me in the book and went onto Funway II. This later edition introduced the concept of soldering and more complex circuitry.

After that, things began to escalate. From various information sources on the net, I eventually ended up designing my own projects. I explored different areas of the vast electronics field, and in 2004, found myself designing and building the mini fridge sized subwoofer in my room (its still here!). During 2004, I also began to work on a variety of high voltage devices such as tesla coils, ignition coils, and so on.

I took up work experience at PowerWater, a utilities firm, in late 2004. They had a kind heart to provide me with heaps more stuff to play with. This developed my liking to radio communications, and soon after, in May 2005, I sat an amatuer radio exam and acquired an amateur license (callsign VK8NPF). During this time I also built a couple of designs of fm transmission equipment.

Around this time, I also got involved in photography. I very often cycled to weird 'no-go' places to take photos. Combining my electronics experience with this new hobby, I developed a high speed photography camera setup, which allowed me to freeze action down to a couple of microseconds. There are a whole bunch of high speed captures lingering around here.

In 2005, I got bored and had a bit of fun with pulsed high energy discharge experiments, which I had never gone into depth before. My first publicly launched project was 'The Balloon Project', in early 2006, involving the aerial suspension of a remote controlled camera using a weather balloon Shortly after, I had a bit of fun with lasers! Then, in seemingly logical progression, used a laser for hologram creation. At around the same time, a number of projects spiralled out from nowhere, such as the induction heater, and the LCD panel.

My interests oscillate back and forth, and soon after emptying my stock of holographic film for the holograms, I pursued a number of projects such as the all time favourite glass shattering experiment, and a small marx generator.

A few years later, I found interest in building a furnace, which is one of my more well-documented projects. I also made a number of gadgets for work, including the FTACS and another in collaboration with Rockbag and DJ known as the SwatchMate.

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