The Balloon Project



The balloon project was inspired by Google Earth after the first time I saw our place on it. It was fantastic - a seemingly intrusive birds-eye view of anything looking up to the sky. One major flaw (at the time) was a generally poor resolution, and this lack of detail just wasn't good enough for me. Thus the balloon project was born.

Almost immediately, a couple of things popped into the mind: Balloon, lift, camera. I mean, wouldn't it seem like a stupidly simple method? An aerial camera perhaps? How feasible was this anyway?

Eventually, I decided on using a remote controlled film camera which was suspended from a helium filled weather balloon, which was in turn secured to the ground by a length of string. This meant that I could at least get the camera back down again...

Design and Construction
Launch I - An utter failure of sorts...
Launch II- To test the limits....
Launch III - We see pictures!



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